GK Questions

Which county has launched a program called "Lose to Win" to help the highest number of employees - the UAE

Shahrukh Khan - Who is an Indian who earned an honorary doctorate in Law University Philanthropy in London?

Vikram Kirloskar - Who is the new President of the Federation of Indian Industry (CII)?

Author of the book "Saffron Swords: Centuries of Indic Resistance to Invaders" - Manoshi Sinha Rawal

Kartik Chandra Rath, who passed away recently, was a famous theater personality of which state - Odisha

'Jashn-e-Etihad' Festival was held recently in which of these cities - New Delhi?

Who is the Indian psychiatrist who won the 2019 John Dierks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award - Vikram Patel

Telangana is the first state in the e-learning training program of the Department of Personal and Training, Government of India

What telescope has UK researchers used to make the sun's magnetic field 10 times stronger than thought - 1 m solar telescope

Who is the author of the book "Kundan: Saigal's Life & Music" - Sharad Dutt

MH-60R Seahawk helicopters, sometimes found in the news, are related to which of the following countries - United States

Which country has decided to launch the world’s first national 5G networks - South Korea

Researchers in which country showed that dark matter is not made up of small black holes - Japan

The Emisat satellite, which has been in the news recently, is related to which country - India

Who is the new President of the Basketball Federation of India (BFI) - K Govindaraj


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