1 The date on which National Broadcasting Day (NBD) is celebrated in India - July 23rd

2 Who has been appointed as the new national coach of the Indian Table Tennis Team - Dejan Papik of Canada

3 Which state government has decided to drive 'water taxis' on its inland waterways - Govt.

4 Global Innovation Index (GII) How India Rank in 2019 - 52nd.

The Heritage Gallery, the first printing press of the Indian Railways, was opened in which city - Mumbai.

6 Who took office as the new British Prime Minister - Boris Johnson.

7 Which Union Territory has recently got BCCI approval - Chandigarh.

Which country will host the 2019 edition of the World Hepatitis Day (WHHD) - Pakistan.

9 The Hindu Economic Forum (HEF) has recently launched its national chapter - Nepal.

In which city will the 3rd edition of the 10 Khelo India Youth Games (KIYG -2020) - Guwahati.

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