2503 Backlog Posts in State Government


Bengaluru: The state government has come forward to fill the backlog posts of Scheduled Communities in various departments, corporations, universities, cooperatives and subsidiaries in the Supreme Court courtyard.

19,115 backlog posts have been identified in various departments. Of these, 2,668 are vacant. However, the Department of Social Welfare has listed 2,503 vacancies due to sickness, financial distress and closure of 165 posts of some organizations.

A Cabinet sub-committee was chaired by Social Welfare Minister Priyank Khargay, in charge of filling backlog posts. Minister G.T. Deve Gowda, Ramesh Zarakiiholi, N. Mahesh and c. Putnamrangashetti is a member of this committee.

Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) posts are considered backlog posts. For direct recruitment, 18 per cent for SC and 3 per cent for ST. Non-SC / ST candidates are not allowed to fill these posts. Karnataka Appropriation of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes such as the Appropriation Act - made clear in 1990

The state government has prompted the Supreme Court repeal of the 2002 Promotion Reserve Act, 2002, and Minister Priyank Kharghe, who has been adamant in implementing the state government's act to protect the interests of SC and ST employees facing fear of backlash, has been pressed into filling backlog posts.

As per Priyank's direction, the Commissioner of the Department, Vikash Kumar Vikash, issued a circular on June 19, giving all recruiting authorities a roster register and a vacancy list. That. On the 21st, the minister had written a separate letter to the heads of all departments. Sec. On 4, the Chief Secretary of the State (CS) wrote a letter and requested to respond immediately. According to that. The Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms has directed all recruiting authorities to prepare a roster register and vacancy register within 25 years and submit it to the Department of Social Welfare. On the 17th, the Circular was issued.

Of the 41 departments, corporations, cooperatives and subsidiaries, only 108 firms have submitted the roster register so far. 142 firms are yet to file. Sources from the Department of Social Welfare said the roster register has not yet reached the primary and secondary education, higher education, technical education, excise, rural development and panchayat raj, forest and philanthropy departments.

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